Weld Overlay Cladding

Weld Overlay Cladding is our main service as a company. We can overlay boiler tubes of any diameter, super heater tubes, flat wall surfaces and pressure vessels.

Weld Overlay Cladding is a very efficient way of dramatically slowing down corrosion. We offer various different types of Weld Overlay Cladding on different surfaces, including:

• Boilers (Tubes, Walls and Roofs)
• Vessels (all sizes)
• Pipes (Internal)
• Or any client requested process

Welding Systems

We use special synergic GMAW pulsed welding power sources to conduct our overlay, together with automated vertical and horizontal machines to apply various different types of weld overlay cladding.

Our pulsed welding power sources use advanced welding technology with the following advantages:

• Being able to weld on thin materials with ease
• Produce better weld chemistry
• Lower heat input
• Better Microstructure
• Lower Iron dilution in the weld
• Low hardness values with reduced HAZ

Inter Weld Inc uses a 50% overlap weld pattern to cover the whole surface area to assure a minimum clad
thickness of 2mm.


Inconel-Alloy 625 is the most common alloy used to perform weld overlay cladding because it is very resistant to erosion.

The advantages of having weld overlay cladding with Inconel 625 are:

• Greatly reducing corrosion
• Reducing timely boiler shut downs
• Fewer boiler tube replacement
• Dramatically increasing your boiler or vessel life expectancy

All of our procedures and welders are tested and certified according to ASME & EN standards. Certificates are issued by Lloyds Register.